Worcester Jobs Fund

The Worcester Community Labor Coalition has partnered with the City of Worcester to set up a Jobs Fund to ensure quality pre-apprenticeship training and local job placement.

Thanks to WCLC member’s efforts, state, city and private funds are available for job training through the Worcester Jobs Fund. Primary activities are:

  • Recruitment of local residents for anticipated job opportunities; especially talented individuals with previous obstacles to employment, including veterans, single parents, people of color, people with a past felony conviction, women, people with disabilities and low-income residents.
  • Development and oversight of new job training program(s) for in-demand positions when training is not currently available to local residents.
  • Outreach to local companies including those receiving tax incentives/TIFs and local anchor institutions, to recruit their support as project partners and development of direct career placement.

The Jobs Fund meets the Second Wednesday of the month at 10am.  Contact Program Manager, Kelsey Lamoureux for more information: (508)373-7641 or LamoureuxK@worcesterma.gov.

Much of our work is inspired by Building Futures RI and our process included a visit to Providence with City Councilor Sarai Rivera, City Manager Ed Augustus and other public and private leaders.


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